Amazing growth!

Ibrahim Sekamate shows us the vegetables

Ibrahim Sekamate shows us the vegetables.

Since receiving 20 sack gardens from Gifts With A Difference, Ibrahim Sekamate, the Science teacher at Kiteezi Church of Uganda School has been teaching pupils how to grow vegetables.  Healthy green plants have been bursting out of the sack gardens. So we arrived at the school expecting to see these sack gardens overflowing with vegetables. But where were they all?

Of course the vegetables grow and have to be harvested which results in empty sacks! So it was inevitable that sometimes there were none to be seen!

In the meantime, things have moved on. Each class now has a garden several metres long. These gardens are producing huge cabbages, lettuces, spinach, kale, maize, bananas and other vegetables. Some have been planted with a succession of tomatoes which will mature in a few weeks. And interspersed are young fruit trees – orange, avocado, mango and pawpaw.

The school children have all been involved with the planting and care of these gardens and are happy to ensure that they are watered each day – even though they have to carry the water 350 metres!

A fruit tree planted by pupils

A fruit tree planted by pupils.

200 new sacks have been ordered so, after some hard work by all the children, there will soon be even more sack gardens than before.

The 350 children at this primary school are enthusiastic about vegetable growing and they are looking forward to harvesting and eating the produce.

Many parents have seen the sack gardens and are now making their own at their homes and improving their diet.

Pupils harvesting cabbages

Pupils harvesting cabbages.

To give a gift of a sack garden and improve the diets of Ugandan families go to

Story by Angela McKay, A Rocha International’s Environmental Education Coordinator.

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