Connecting the urban young to nature

An environmental education story from Kenya

Learning with EE volunteer, Claire Nasike, at A Rocha Kenya’s centre in Karara, Nairobi.

Learning with EE volunteer, Claire Nasike, at A Rocha Kenya’s centre in Karara, Nairobi.

Here I am, in the middle of this group of young people, learning and receiving valuable education.

EDUCATION. The Oxford dictionary defines it as: ‘The process of receiving or giving systematic (intellectual, moral and social) instruction, especially at a school or university’. For us, the young people of Kenya, that instruction plays such a key role in our development. Our future depends on it. It will also shape the future of our city, our region and even our country.

Someone once told me that education is something that makes you ready for what life will bring you – the challenges that are unavoidable. Education is the best investment for the young for we are the change agents of tomorrow.

With environmental challenges like climate change, it goes without saying that we need environmental education. And I am so glad to receive it.

I feel equipped to do something of importance.

I feel privileged to be able to influence our future.

I feel creative, planning adaptation strategies and looking for solutions to the human impact on nature.

I feel thankful. Thankful for the people who are investing in me and for the nature around me and that I am seeing with new eyes. Thankful that God, the greatest care-taker, helps us in taking care of his creation.

I am still learning so much about the environment surrounding me, and the thousands of possibilities and solutions that are within.

I now feel more connected to nature than I have ever been.

Foot note: A Rocha Kenya is working in partnership with the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife.

Story by Laetitia Joseph, an A Rocha International Storyteller.

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