Eco-parables: a new treasure from A Rocha Switzerland

Jesus told his disciples that where your treasure is, there your heart is also. (Matthew 6:21). But for Ilene, the opposite was also true: where her heart was led to a wonderful new treasure.

She wanted to invite people to think about Creation Care and to do it in an ‘attractive and fascinating way’ as she liked to put it. Her heart longed to create something special, but she didn’t quite know how. So, she dived into the Bible to learn more about God’s relationship with his creation. And the more she read, the more God shaped her heart for His values.

How could she explain values such as respect for the rhythms of nature, thinking about the next generation, moderating our consumption? Ilene wanted something that was educational and fun, something for all ages and that was easy to use.

Days and weeks passed with no satisfying ideas, until in an instant it dawned on her! Just one thought: ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if I could use examples from nature as parables, just like Jesus used parables to explain God’s truths and values?’

Freestanding banners of the eco-parables. Photo: A Rocha Switzerland

Freestanding banners of the eco-parables. Photo: A Rocha Switzerland

So the Eco-parables were born! Six wonderful stories were created, each with an important message, and each beautifully illustrated on a freestanding banner that could be used in lots of different settings: a real treasure to use in explaining creation care.

One of the eco-parables, “Le fabuleux voyage de la Belle-Dame” is the story of the butterfly, Vanessa cardui, known as the Painted Lady. It’s a widespread butterfly and known for its distinctive migratory behaviour. They breed during migration which results in the offspring, but not the parents, arriving at their final destination. Generations come and generations go, but the earth remains forever (Ecclesiastes 1:4).

To quote Ilene: “We all love stories, and it’s much easier to remember something if we have a story with beautiful pictures that fill our minds and that reflects God’s truth.” And there is a good chance that we will remember them longer! Or even tell them as bedtime stories!

A Rocha Switzerland has used the eco-parables in churches, schools and public places but they can be used in many more situations. They can also be used independently.

For more information, visit or email [email protected]. Please note that the eco-parables are only available in French.

Story by Laetitia Joseph, an A Rocha International Storyteller.

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