Microplastics Toolbox

The microplastics toolbox is here to equip you to act against microplastics in your local community- whether you are acting as an individual, a family, a church or any other group. This contributes to global efforts to fight plastic pollution in the oceans under the Sustainable Development Goal 14.

The resources are categorised into 5 themes: Education, Science, Theology, Lifestyle, and Media. If you are looking to start in your home, have a look at our the Lifestyle section. If you are ready to commit to helping collect data on microplastic pollution in your local community, head to the Science section and have a look at the protocol “how to sample microplastics on sandy beaches”. We hope this toolbox will be useful for you and will make a difference to your local community. Please get in touch if you have found this helpful, want more tips or want to let us know of results you have seen.

But there is more that we can do to reduce the presence of plastic in the ocean. Your donation will help us to spread the message about the problem of marine plastics, provide resources to get involved and reduce its presence in the ocean. Please donate today