Microplastics toolbox

How to plan a beach clean-up

Download our guide, especially prepared to help you conduct a beach clean up in a way that is fun, safe and contributes to the global marine conservation effort. (This guide is also available in French, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (European) and Spanish)

Lifestyle changes for your home

What are some of the most important changes you can make at home that will reduce your plastic use? This document provides ideas on changes you can make. Ideas for things to do at home (PDF)

Blogs to help you live your convictions

There are a huge number of bloggers writing on this topic, but a few of these have caught our attention. If you want to explore how to change your lifestyle to be freer of plastic, have a browse through these helpful blogs. Informative_blogs (PDF)

Top 10 marine conservation actions for churches

You are ready for action, but where to start. Here are some top tips for going something that glorifies God and makes a difference. Top ten marine conservation activities for churches (PDF)

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