Plastics Toolbox

The plastics toolbox is here to equip you to act against plastics in your local community- whether you are acting as an individual, a family, a church or any other group. This contributes to global efforts to fight plastic pollution in the oceans under the Sustainable Development Goal 14.

If you are unsure where to start, (1) begin with the Bible study in the Theology section. Then (2) choose one of the factsheets in the Science section and learn about a topic that interests you. How might what you are reading about in general be happening in your locality? Then (3) talk to someone about this or to a small group at church or in your community. Teaching what you have learned is a great way to solidify your knowledge and will also serve to find those who might be interested in joining you in action. (4) If you are near a beach, river or lake, then we suggest conducting a nurdle hunt. This is a fun activity that will sensitise your new group to the issue of plastic pollution which you can also combine with a plastic cleanup. Your group will be ready to (5) do more research, reading, and thinking about your next steps which make sense for your location. There is likely a resource in the Toolbox to help you move forward.